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Frank R. Harvell

Frank R. Harvell

Is the one person you can trust when you are looking for exceptional designs and tips to come up with them yourself. I have been working on graphic designs for close to ten years now, evolving with the industry. I can beat my chest that I know what works and what doesn’t when talking about graphic design.

Photo editing and graphic designing began as a joke, with little to excite anyone. Back then, artists slaved with their brush and canvass to churn out masterpieces. Some became very popular in the process while others passed away unnoticed. I believe the joy of every graphic designer is to have their work noticed or have their name placed side by side with a great work.

From what seemed like a gross waste of time, graphic designing and photo editing is now a popular field with lots of employment opportunities. From working with media houses to promoting products and brands, graphic designing and photo editing are becoming a big hit and a money spinner.

Graphic designers and photo editors face similar problems After working on a large number of projects, they run out of ideas and repetition begins to set in. Once you have exhausted your creativity as a designer or photo editor, you risk losing your job to someone else. To keep hold of it, it is inevitable that you find inspiration or request for ideas from an expert in the field. That is where Frank R. Harvell comes in.

Most of the designs out there are my brainchild. I give the designer useful tips, they go ahead, create the masterpiece and take the glory. I have worked with countless professional or upcoming designers, providing them with useful tips that propel their career to the next level in a short space of time.
I believe that every designer has the potential to be great. The line separating an amateur from a professional is the wealth of information available to each one of them, and I am here to bridge that information gap. To remain relevant in this rapidly growing industry, you have to be abreast of the latest trends and information.

I know how difficult it is to source information relating to graphic designing and photo editing. Choosing between the free and paid software out there further creates a headache for upcoming graphic designers and photo editors-and sometimes the professionals as well. My website will help you keep track of all the editing software in the market as well as help you with relevant tips to decide when freeware or paid software is the better option.

You will think there are lots of resources for you, until you open thousands of pages to discover that they are almost bare of content. That’s precisely why I created this website, where I pull together useful information, manuals and guide that will ensure anyone intending to forge a career in photo editing or graphic design has the right information at their fingertips.