Photo editing used to be a monumental task for even for the seasoned editors. But today, a lot has changed in the photography industry and one of the biggest changes is easier tools for the editors through some path breaking software. This is not to say that editors have it easy; their job is still monumental, but it has definitely got easier than it was a few years back.

Here is a list of some new features in latest softwares that have made photo editing easier for even amateurs. These may not produce the effects of a professional editing softwares but they definitely have made it easy to quickly touch up photos and create magical effects for social media posts and family groups, without breaking a sweat.  

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Crucial Example – Lil Humpers

Before we start with the list let us show you an excellent example of video editing. The series that features something we want to show is called Lil Humpers and it’s adults only. That’s first thing. If you are OK with that take a look at the selection of videos it offers. The theme of the series is pretty awesome too – young dudes put against sensual MILFs in strictly XXX-rated matter.

1.     Quick Fix Features By Picasa

Picasa is an simple yet amazing image organizer by Google. This software offers a number of quick fix options that can be used to fix aspects like contrast and color of pictures without having to do a special kind of exercise to please the photo gods. Jokes apart, Picasa has allowed amateurs worldwide to remove red eye and crop their images to cut out that annoying friend from their photo for years now. The ability of this software to adjust shadows and highlight an image makes it a good choice for individuals looking for some fine adjustments. The best thing about this software on top of all the features mentioned above. It is free.

2.     Professional Features By GIMP

GIMP is a stupendous photo editor that photographers can use to produce professional quality pictures. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program and was stated way back in 1995. It came in as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop and therefore it has many features similar to the advanced Photoshop. It supports everything like vector graphic support, layer masks and layer transparency which are much needed by professional photographs. The features offered by this software today have come a long way from the options available to photographers and editors a decade back. If you are looking for a software that will teach you a lot about photo editing before you buy a paid software, try this one.

3.     Layers And Filters Of Paint.Net is an amazing software for those who want to edit photos without having to upgrade their hardware. This feature, as in the capability to function on low configuration is not offered by many photo editing softwares. This is one huge change from almost a decade back where you can work out magic with photos without having to shell out a lot of money on upgrading your PC. Paint.NET started off as a very basic software just like the Paint Brush from the same makers but over the years Microsoft has added many editing tools like undo history, a lot of filters, brilliant 3D zooms and community created plugins. All these make new additions make photo editing very easy and yes, all these itty-bitty tools make a teenager look like a pro photo editor.

Now, that’ the magic of new features added to easy to use softwares that make photo editing look easy like an everyday chore. Gone are the days when only a professional could fix your red eye, emboss the picture or make your brand-new photo look like an antique piece. You can do it, anyone can do it but again, this does not mean that these new and easy features can replace the expertise and skills of a professional editor. These have just made their and other peoples’ job easy.